Bill & I have:  2 Show/Breed Dogs - Zen & Han, and our retired superstars Adonis, & Seven.  We are so thankful to our partner families, and proud of all of the wonderful things they do with their Wigglebutts.  Click on pictures for more information about each dog and their wonderful homes.

Wigglebutts Male... (show/breed/performance)

(Frozen Semen Available Only)

(Frozen Semen Available Only)

(Fresh & Frozen Semen Available)
Indy Gabriel

Maverick Fender Han Hemi
Gabriel Eros Riker Hero
Wigglebutts Female... (show/breed/performance)
Denali Haven Dustee Zen
  Bazooka Croft  
Wigglebutts... (Retired from breeding or Performance Dogs)



Sired by Wigglebutts... (Sired by Wigglebutt)


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